Conc Jump FAQ

    1. What is a conc jump?
      A conc jump refers to the use of a concussion grenade to launch yourself into the air.
    2. What are concussion grenades?
      Concussion grenades (concs) are the secondary grenades of medic and scout classes. They are small green grenades used to concuss players, although they are more often used for conc jumps.
    3. How do concs work?
      The conc makes a concussion sphere that pushes everything inside away. The closer the player is to the outside edge of this concussion sphere (further from the conc), the further they will be pushed, as long as they remain inside the sphere.
    4. Who can perform conc jumps?
      Only medics and scouts can perform conc jumps. However soldiers, demos, and engineers can also complete some conc maps using other means.
    5. Why would I want to conc jump?
      Conc jumping allows you to reach areas you would not usually be able to reach, as well as increasing the speed at which you move around the map.